2016-2017 Snow Notice

Attention Kutztown Residents:

With snow season approaching, the majority of us face the task of removing snow and ice from all
sidewalks adjacent to our properties.

Chapter 192, Article I of the Kutztown Code requires that all snow, ice, hail or sleet that has fallen or
formed on sidewalks be removed within 24 hours after the snow, ice, hail or sleet has ceased to fall or form. A path at least 36 inches wide must be provided.

Owners or tenants who fail to clear their sidewalks, as required, will be subject to citation. Please note
that it is unlawful to discharge snow/ice into the public street or alley as per Chapter 192, Article I of the
Kutztown Code.

Kutztown University’s Community Outreach Center offers “Operation Snowflake,” a snow removal
program for elderly and disabled residents in the Borough. The program starts on October 17, 2016, and
runs through April 24, 2017. For more information, please call 610-683-4923 or E-mail

Let’s work together to achieve the common goal of safe and clean Borough streets and sidewalks!


Printable Snow Notice (PDF)

Class A Snow Emergency Routes (PDF)

Class B Snow Emergency Routes (PDF)