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Emergency Management Center

Phone: 610-683-6131 (regular business hours)
Phone: 610-683-3014 (available only during actual emergencies)
Email: emc@kutztownboro.org
twitter full @KutztownEMA


Mike Russo, Coordinator
Todd Evans, Assistant Coordinator

The Emergency Management Center (EMC) is a location for the coordination of the emergency response of a community. The most basic function during an emergency is the ability to have an immediate availability of a unified command center to address the needs of all those involved. We are proud to tell you that the Kutztown EMC is ready to open the door, turn on the lights, and serve our friends and neighbors.

The success of an emergency operation center is also dependent upon good communication both within and outside the organization. The Borough has recently purchased additional service equipment to facilitate technical communication needs so field operations can readily be reached during emergency periods. A new high-band base station has been installed so that the emergency center can communicate with any high band use response team during a County emergency.

Computer networking capabilities have been enhanced so that police and administration servers can be accessed from the center.

Table spaces have also been assigned for a RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) representative. The center has a dedicated sending and receiving antenna that accommodates the portable units that are carried.

We are on constant alert to respond to county notifications and local conditions that may develop into emergencies.