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Permitting & Licensing Information

Types of Permits

Below are links to types of permits and common types of work performed. This is NOT intended to represent a complete list of all projects that may require a permit. Please contact the Community Development Office to confirm requirements before starting any work.

   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

Curb, Sidewalk and/or Driveway
   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Curb, Sidewalk & Driveway Standard Details
      - Curb & Sidewalk (PDF)
      - Utilities in Sidewalk (PDF)
      - Depressed Curb at Driveway Entrance (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)
   • Concrete Contractors (PDF)

   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Sign Examples (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

   • Permit Information (PDF)
   • Plot Plan Examples (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) Licensing

Information and Application
   • License Information (PDF)
   • Application (PDF)

Contractor Licensing

Below are PDFs containing specific information our Office must have on file to pull a permit.

Licensing Information
   • Electrical Contractor (PDF)
   • Plumbing Contractor (PDF)
   • General Contractor (PDF)

   • Contractor's License Application (PDF)
   • Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF)
   • Affidavit for Contractor (PDF)

Housing Licenses/Property Maintenance

Information and Rosters
   • Housing Licenses/Property Maintenance Information (PDF)
   • Housing: Addendum to Lease (PDF)
     Use this form when you, as a landlord, have a new tenant signing a lease.
   • Housing Roster (PDF)
     Use this form when you, as a landlord, have a change in agent, and wish to submit a
     completed form to this Office. This form is not intended for landlords who have recently
     purchased a property and are applying for their first Housing License on the property.
   • Housing Roster: Update Existing Roster (online form)
     Use this form when you, as a landlord for a currently-licensed property, have a change
     in address or phone number for yourself, or when there is a change in tenants to report.