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Environmental Advisory Commission

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The Kutztown Environmental Advisory Commission (KEAC) is a group of community members, appointed by the elected officials, to advise them and other municipal officials about the protection, conservation, management, promotion and use of natural resources within the Borough of Kutztown.  Much of this is done through educational community workshops, which are held throughout the year.

North Park Management Plan (December 2015):
Pamphlets, Guides, References & Appendices

Native Plant Garden at North Park

Ripley Price, a Girl Scout working on her Gold Award project, and several volunteers planted a native plant garden at North Park on Saturday May 20, 2017.  In this project supported by the Kutztown Borough’s Environmental Advisory Commission, over 500 wildflowers and grasses of 14 native plant species were planted.  This garden will support pollinators, help educate the public about native plants, and hopefully help to spread native wildflowers throughout the park.


EAB ashborer

KEAC Objectives

      • Identify environmental problems and recommend plans and programs to protect and improve
         the quality of the environment
      • Make recommendations about the use of open land
      • Promote community environmental programs
      • Keep an index of all open space areas to determine the proper use of such areas
      • Review plans, conduct site visits, and prepare reports for municipal officials
      • Advise local government agencies about the acquisition of property

EAC 2016KEAC Members

Jeri Carroll (Chair)
Todd Underwood (Vice-Chair)
Nathan Lewis (Secretary)
Becky Weller
Joseph Sebzda
Shireen (Massoudi) DeNault

Kutztown University Student Representative
Rachael Gonzalez

Borough Liason
Kevin Snyder


First Monday of each month, 7:00pm
Municipal Building Multi-Purpose Room

Agendas and Minutes

Jan '17 Meeting

May '17 Agenda
May '17 Minutes

Sept '16 Meeting

Feb '17 Agenda
Feb '17 Minutes

June '17 Agenda
June '17 Minutes

October '16 Agenda
October '16 Minutes

Mar '17 Agenda
Mar '17 Minutes

July '17 Meeting

Nov '16 Agenda
Nov '16 Minutes

April '17 Agenda
April '17 Minutes

Aug '16 Agenda
Aug '16 Minutes

Dec '16 Agenda
Dec '16 Minutes

The KEAC is your local voice for environmental concerns, ideas, and suggestions. Contact us at eac@kutztownboro.org

There currently are no vacancies.

Appointed Official Application (PDF)
Applications should be returned to Borough Hall

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